Construction site party, 16.09.22

An all-round successful construction site festival increases anticipation: The WaltherPark called and people came in droves – Heinz Peter Hager and SIGNA welcomed around 2,000 citizens from Bolzano and other parts of the country at the construction site festival in September 2022.

“Contact and exchange with the population is particularly important to us – after all, the citizens voted for this project with a two-thirds majority in the 2016 referendum,” recalls Hager.

The construction site festival was not only a good opportunity to experience the place for the first time, but also for a social exchange in the district that will be completely renovated in the future. The surrounding restaurants were eager to provide food and drinks. WaltherPark’s future neighbors, the Bolzano Volunteer Fire Department, offered information and exciting entertainment for children – because the volunteer fire department is based at the future tunnel entrance on Mayr-Nusser-Straße, this relationship is particularly important. The noticeable general mood of optimism means that only the best can be expected for this newly emerging, very special district.

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