Innovation & Sustainability

Quality of life for Bolzano

We all must reduce our carbon footprint. We want to contribute to that. But it is also important to us that WaltherPark is accepted by the people of Bolzano. We want to sustainably improve the quality of life of the local people through large-scale urban development changes: We reduce car traffic in the neighbourhood and we create a new urban quarter with green spaces, squares and strolling areas for everyone.

The redesign of the station forecourt and the transformation of Viale della Stazione into a car-free promenade are a gain for the entire town. This area will become an inviting entrance to Bolzano city centre. The main train station and the city centre are brought even closer together.

The most important measure: a traffic tunnel under Via Alto Adige. Through this tunnel visitors to the shopping gallery, office users and residents enter the building directly via an underground access road. The existing parking garage on Piazza Walther will also be reached through this tunnel, with the possibility of connecting further underground parking garages.

As simulations show, the tunnel in the area around the future WaltherPark and the station forecourt will reduce traffic by 10,950 cars a day. Exposure to air pollution and noise will be reduced significantly.

Via Alto Adige and Via Perathoner will be traffic calmed to a large extent. A special pavement further reduces the acoustic disturbance caused by the remaining traffic. Green areas that are lost during the redesign will be completely replaced.

We are creating or redesigning a total of 1.1 hectares of public garden areas. In addition, there are green roof areas on the Waltherpark buildings.

What is built today must be able to survive in the future. Walther Park leads the way in climate protection: By using resources responsibly, WaltherPark contributes to preserving an environment worth living in for future generations. Furthermore, we believe that WaltherPark will become a place where people feel comfortable and enjoy spending time. With extensive urban development measures, we are creating a quarter that will be an enrichment for the entire town in the long run. For us, there is no doubt: WaltherPark will move Bolzano forward.

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