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Retailer event, october 2022

WaltherPark for Retailer. A very successful event!

WaltherPark organised a two-day retailer-event on 20 and 21 October.

Approximatively, 50 retailers from Germany, Austria, Italy and Poland were invited to Bolzano to also get to know the Province of Bolzano, even thought the focus was on the presentation of the project itself.

The event started with a wine tasting at the Cantina Girlan wineries. Afterwards, the buses took the visitors to the scenic Freudenstein Castle, where they had the pleasure to enjoy a menu prepared by the Michelin-starred chef Alessandro Bellingeri and taste the wines of the Abraham family. The evening turned into a gourmet experience.

On the second event day, the retailers were treated with excellent food for thought: Caroline Chavanat (Senior Leasing Manager) presented the WaltherPark project to the retailers, Heinz Peter Hager explained the unique opportunity of becoming part of WaltherPark, professor Mirco Tonin from the Free University of Bolzano gave a lecture on the local economy and Othmar Michaeler, operator of the successful Falkensteiner hotel chain, deepened the topic of tourism. Thereafter, the retailers visited the construction site to look at the work in progress.

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