Innovation & Sustainability

SIGNA participates in the TOP 150 sustainability event of the ‘Alto Adige’ newspaper

Since its foundation in 2000, SIGNA has stood for exclusive architecture, highest quality in the execution of works and innovative projects. SIGNA is considered a giant of its kind, a major player in the industry constantly expanding its area of activity. Signa Italia, for example, is involved in several major construction sites in Bolzano, Verona and Venice. “The leitmotif is the same in every project – and that is the redesign of existing structures”, explains Heinz Peter Hager. SIGNA takes great interest in those parts of the city that are considered not particularly pleasant to look at and might appear to be “problem-areas” at first glance. Often, those include run-down areas that have been left to decay over the years, so-called “brownfields”. When coming to Bolzano, it is impossible to not come across the huge WaltherPark construction site located between the railway station and Piazza Walther in the heart of the city. This ambitious project is considered one of the flagships of SIGNA Italia, led by its Chairman Heinz Peter Hager. Fifty metres lie between the lowest underground level and the highest floors above ground. 120,000 square metres of built surface area, approx. 470,000 cubic metres of construction volume with a flat surface area of 17,000 square metres. A complex project that will provide space for a functional mix of apartments, a four-star superior hotel, a high street gallery, public and private parking and offices as well as a new public park with a playground. Integrated in a suitable traffic concept and state-of-the-art infrastructure, WaltherPark will become the new, vibrant place to be. In line with the Masterplan of the urban development of Bolzano, a total of 76 flats for sale, 34 flats for rent, 90 new shops and 805 parking spaces will be built – A city within the city. That is how the WaltherPark will become a highlight attracting visitors from the city itself, the province and the surrounding regions. “All the work is carried out in strict compliance with specifications and quality standards and will be further attested by certifications such as LEED Gold and CasaClima A Nature,” explains Hager. In Bolzano, SIGNA works with competent staff, coordinated by Heinz Peter Hager: engineers, architects, surveyors, real estate agents, marketing staff, sales consultants and assistants, building a well-coordinated, young and highly qualified team.

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