Bolzano goes green

It is a challenge and a chance at the same time: buildings account for around one third of Co2 emissions worldwide. Today, when it comes to a construction or infrastructure project in the size of the WaltherPark, environmental issues are an essential part of the planning. WaltherPark developed an intelligent solution that contributes to climate protection and increases the quality of life in the city centre of Bolzano.


Climate and the city

We must all reduce our carbon footprint. We want to contribute to this: To a large extent, no fossil fuels are used for the supply of cooling, heating, and electricity. Moreover, WaltherPark is planned to do a large urban re-development, with measures that contribute reducing traffic in the neighbourhood. New greenery, squares, and strolling paths also increase the quality of life for residents, locals and tourists.

92 %

cooling system: renewable sources of energy or similar

-104 t

of oil saved per year using river water cooling

– 600 t

of oil saved per year using to district heating


Car parking spaces and garages with e-car charging stations


Go with the flow

WaltherPark is cooled with water from the Isarco River. An intelligent system uses not only the river’s coldness but also its natural gradient. River water is branched off via a channel. The cold river water flows around the heat exchangers near the shore and is then fed back into the Isarco River. The heat exchangers transfer the cold of the river water to a cooling pipe cycle that runs throughout the WaltherPark. Fossil fuels are no longer needed.

Leed gold

Eco-friendly shopping

The WaltherPark High Street Gallery was awarded the preliminary LEED Gold certificate.
The most important requirements to be met are a high energy efficiency and a low impact on climate. A good infrastructural integration, a high indoor air quality as well as the use of sustainable construction materials are also very important. WaltherPark’s rooftops will be completely greened. This gives an ulterior great improvement to the urban climate.


Sustainable and healthy living

The residential buildings are built according to the CasaClima A Nature standard.
This certificate is awarded to highly energy-efficient buildings only. Furthermore, also the use of eco-friendly construction materials, a healthy indoor air, noise insulation and the use of natural daylight play an important role. Moreover, the WaltherPark project will also be awarded the certificates ClimaHotel and CasaClima Work & Life by the CasaClima Agency.

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