Teamevent, december 2022

A great team of 20 committed employees work daily on shaping the future of Bolzano.

They are the faces behind the great SIGNA projects. Each of them contributes to the company’s success. Where much is to be achieved, team work is required. SIGNA devotes great attention to its employees to ensure that they can always work together as a successful team. Team building is the magic word.

Shortly before the end of the year, SIGNA employees gathered on this occasion for a fun and interactive team event in Bolzano. Cook, eat, exchange ideas and get together in a comfortable setting – this was the motto at the SIGNA team event that took place at Gustelier of the HGV Association in Bolzano. The employees – divided into teams – cooked for each other a full four-course menu. To foster interaction, the single cooking teams were matched up with people who usually do not work together. “We have many different working departments in SIGNA: There are technicians, architects, project managers, engineers, office, sales and marketing managers and many more. The areas were deliberately mixed during the cooking event to enable new connections. This made getting to know each other more interesting and strengthened the team spirit. ‘We really enjoyed the nice atmosphere”, said Klaus-Martin Callhoff, Senior Project Manager at SIGNA.

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