Work in Progress – Façade

Behind the impressive WaltherPark project is a dedicated team of over 20 people with extensive expertise and outstanding professionalism, who work, day in, day out under the leadership of Heinz Peter Hager, President and Managing Director of SIGNA Italy, to drive forward this important project for the future of the provincial capital.

WaltherPark is Bolzano’s largest and most ambitious construction project, which is being driven forward with determination and is creating new prospects for everyone. The creation of a spacious, safe and redesigned city park and a new pedestrian zone between the railway station and Waltherplatz are particularly noteworthy.

200 construction workers on the site every day
6 cranes in constant use
500 square metres of construction progress per week
80% of the contracts awarded

The WaltherPark façade is realised by our partners Pichler Stahlbau and ISA S.p.A.

We take you on a flight over the construction site, which is constantly evolving to welcome future brands and visitors.

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